GI Kashmir Pashmina Aesthetic Unisex Deep Blue Stole


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Colour:- Deep Blue. (Chashm-a-Bulbul’ Design or Nightingale eye design)
Size:- 28 x 80 Inches.
Fabric:- Plain Kashmir Pashmina.
World Ranking:- Most luxurious and thinnest natural fiber.
Creation:- Hand-spun, Handwoven(Traditional Loom) and Hand-dyed.
Fiber Diameter:- 12 to 16 microns. (G.I Standard)
Fiber Collection:- Changthangi Pashmina goat above 12000 feets sea level.
No of Fibers in Hand-spun Cross-section Yarn:- 23 to 48
Authenticity:- Geographical Indication Tracking No “LX73 L4V2”.
Product Testing:- Craft Development Institute (CDI) Srinagar.
Care:- Dry Clean or Luke warm water wash.