GI Certified Kashmir Pashmina Jamawar – Paisley Design


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GI Certified Kashmir Pashmina Jamawar – Paisley Design

Embroidery:- Multi-colored Fine Needle embroidery with Mulberry silk threads.

Time of Creation:– 18 months.

Size:– 40 x 80 Inches.

Fabric:– Plain Geographical Indication Stamped Kashmir Pashmina (Cashmere).

World Ranking:- Most luxurious and thinnest natural fiber.

Creation:– Hand-spun, Handwoven(Traditional Kashmiri Loom) and Hand-dyed.

Fiber Diameter:– 12 to 16 microns. (G.I Standard)

Fiber Collection:Changthangi Pashmina goat above 12000 feets sea level.

No of Fibers in Hand-spun Cross-section Yarn:- 23 to 48

Authenticity:– Geographical Indication Tracking No DUFA 9BFN.

Product Testing:Craft Development Institute (CDI) Srinagar.

Care:- Dry Clean or Luke warm water wash. More info VISIT

Re-sale:- The product can be re-saled through our website free of cost or by the company (Terms and Conditions apply)

Return and shipping Policy:- We will be happy to send a sample piece to our wholesale or retail customers free of cost before buying the full Kashmir Pashmina product. Return or exchange is free of cost if any defect or problem is found in the product.




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